The filling valve UNICA SC is positioned externally on the tank, it was developed for the filling of PET containers. This valve offers multiple quality advantages and low running costs.

Main Features

  • External Valve to the tank
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Air return in tank or separator by vent-tube


  • Carbonated and flat beverages
  • Beer
  • Juices and Functional drinks, tea: cold or Hot Filling
  • Flat and sparkling water


  • The surface and mechanical parts in contact with the product allows a better cleaning, reduced foaming and delicate processing of the product.
  • The valve is easily accessible by the operator reducing maintenance time .
  • The upper lifting system for the translation of the bottles allows the filling of different bottle formats. This solution allows format change without height regulation of the carousel and restrained investment costs
  • The Central Tank system, use for this filling solution, reduces kinetic energy of the product restraining the risks of foaming. Rounded and reduced tank surfaces simplifies cleaning processes. In case of Hot Filling a lower heat dispersion optimizes energy consumption and reduces start up times.


    Isobaric filling valve
    Hot filling valve
  • UNICA SC GRAVITY/strong>
    Gravity filling valve

Optional Devices

  • Can fluxing device
  • Electronic-pneumatic actuators “TRONIC”
  • Product recirculation tank
  • Inert gas injection
SC counterpressure valve
SC gravity filling valve